today works

5 thoughts on “today works

    1. Claire it is how i stay in this world, the world that happens as i make things is just so good i do try to stay there as much as i can, sendin big smiles out to you !

  1. now that u allso add an writings i have to be more carefull in folowing u .
    last too many days i didnot attand
    i am enjoying so to be back

  2. and another one
    i mostly love this work of patchwork art
    u r my best artist on earth dear danny
    and u r the only person on earth which i am sorry that i am not liveing beside
    allso it was also very good when u even paint your head with little leaves
    u know my dougther 23 years old called in heabrow ALAL which means a little leaf

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