how i make a small stitched oval

6 thoughts on “how i make a small stitched oval

  1. love this visual instructions
    it is important so
    couse i would never be able to
    realiy participate an a workshop or even
    just a short visit
    in your home/studio.

    1. that’s the problem i have been thinking on,i would love to share this idea with others, but this skill has happened over a long period of time and the fact that i love to sew has given me the patience to endure the back pain and eye strain that comes with working like this……and the fact that most people just don’t want to do this even on a simplified way….

  2. this is not a negative but today I was thinking of your work as a kind of Ink (tattoo on fabric) or a sophisticated Maori marking.Have you investigated any ancient or ethnic skin markings?

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