giant patchwork tote

2 thoughts on “giant patchwork tote

  1. Hi Danny, This is just gorgeous. But it looks really big, is it made man-size? What is that lovely moon-shaped cut out you are pointing to? I saw that you bought that material, in bright blue and yellow, and used it to make another bag, I just love it! Do you know the name of it or where it came from. What wonderful work you do. When I saw that photo you took of a stony shore ground, it reminds me that my husband goes walking everyday along our shore and finds pieces of broken pottery from a ship, (centuries old) and now has found enough different pieces, all coloured and patterned, to do mosaic on quite a few items. He also finds beautifully polished sea glass in all colours for me to make jewellery with. Regards. Silvana.

    1. thanks so much Silvana, the moon shape that i’m pointing to is an inside pocket for your keys and such, the fabric i got at a few local fabric stores here in Seattle, Washington, not sure about the brands, it’s a mix from stores and thrift stores….l

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