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4 thoughts on “unite

  1. Such fun! And love the use of the reversed text. In fact you appear to be doing quite a bit of this. Are you scanning and printing your own on your computer? Or is this done commercially with the firm (whose name escapes me at the time)?

    I’ve been able to purchase some “African” fabric in Cincinnati which was likely Chinese made, but interesting patterns. I think something like $30 for one at 15 yards and 2 at 6 or 9 yards. Whatever, inexpensive and interesting stuff. I’m not going to wash the size out of them as I’m not sure I will be using them in something washable. Alas, my supplier in Nottingham in England seems to have disappeared.

  2. This self portrait seems a natural to me. With your craftsmanship and incredible productivity, of course you are one with your sewing machine!! And you/it are sprouting with creative energy too. I love it.

    1. it’s really the only way i stay here, is to make,
      of course there are lots of wonderfulness but the desire to make with my hands feels so right
      and it keeps me from looking to much at our dumb human world most of the time

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