close to the heart necklace

find it here213

7 thoughts on “close to the heart necklace

      1. Danny,
        Indeed I did. It is sitting in its unopened package under my Xmas tree! I will be happy to comment as soon as I open it. I know it will be lovely.

  1. Hi Danny, I’ve been browsing through your site and would like to comment on so many posts, so I’ll just stop here and say, your work is bloody incredible! The machine stitching is so detailed and full of movement. Love the tail on the fish in a post further along. LOVE this necklace. Lots of christmas cheer from Down Under, so glad I stumbled across your blog! 🙂

    1. Hi Bubbles, ah thank you so much for droppin me a note, sewing is just the thing that i found through my grandma and through the love of making things with my hands, wish everyone can find those things in life that brightens the day, sendin my smiles out to you !

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