thinking of other ways


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8 thoughts on “thinking of other ways

  1. Like the needle pricking details. Thanks for showing this as it reminds me of what I can do with a current project doing image transfer with using photocopied paper and bondaweb on to fabric.

  2. No, the bondaweb technique is one I’ve just learned from my tutor. It isn’t like printing the image on fabric, more like sticking the image down by ironing it with the bondaweb image face down between the paper and the fabric. It is then soaked in water for half a minute and the paper of the image rubbed carefully off.

    The resultant cloth and image is cracked and peeled and incomplete in parts and can then be painted/stained with watercolor dyes and of course stitched over. The paper will stay in part on the image. Ideally acrylic wax will help to restore the color that the remaining paper may mask.

    A caveat: if you are using text, the image either needs to be bondawebed to organza so it is visible the right way up. or reverse printed. Otherwise it will be backwards on your finished piece.

    I’m not sure this is something that would necessarily suit suit your style. It is more of a romantic misty collage sort of effect somehow, but could make a great background for stitch. I plan to do a piece with a machine stitched silhouette of an 1830 family member onto a photocopied document of the same period.

    I will have a look to see who actually uses this technique on line. I think I know who might. I’ll let you know on these comments.

      1. Ah, ok. Can I send you attachments? You won’t want them here. Next time I’m in college I’ll scan some of what I’ve done. It is all just in pieces at present but will be part of a framed collage.

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