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3 thoughts on “stitching

  1. Danny, is some of this free-motion embroidery where you drop the feed dogs? I love the fact that your backs are as lovely as your fronts.


    And your shrines with Mary and Mermaid are fab!

    1. no i don’t do free motion, i don’t think i could drop the dog feet on my machine, i make the designs stitch by stitch moving the fabric and using my knee lift on my machine to pick the presser foot up and down as i sew….oh found this video to show ya how i use the machine


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this Danny. I have an old Elna and singer that I can’t drop the feed dogs on but I have plates that cover them for free motion embroidery..

    Might you experiment with some Duck tape covering the dogs to see what might happen?I do know people who have been quite successful with doing that. On the other hand you’d have sticky residue from the tape that you’d have to alcohol off.

    Just a thought. I would imagine you would be such an amazing natural at free motion embroidery. And so speedy too.

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