heart strings

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3 thoughts on “heart strings

  1. How nice to have your beloved grandma watching over you. It looks like the houes around you are early 1900s? That was the neighborhood I grew up in in Wallingofrd near Greenlake. I love the architecture.

    1. i’m down on the south end, i think they call it the central district, i so love the old houses here, Wallingford is so charming but i can’t really afford it, should have come here years ago… Seattle is growing……

  2. I’m glad you like Seattle. I miss some of it a lot, but enjoy living in England as well. I’m into history so there is always lots to see and do here. As well as textiles of course

    I’m not sure I could afford Wallingford now. I don’t think I could afford the health insurance should I ever return.

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