drop of life

thread endsdrop of life4drop of life1drop of life2drop of life3

6 thoughts on “drop of life

  1. I love your work! It is enchanting. I just had a question. How do you accomplish such beautiful free-motion stitching using a zig zag foot?

    1. Hi Nell, i kinda think it is funny other sewers out there ask me this,
      but i guess because who really wants to stitch by stich a picture and than lift the presser foot with the knee lift every stitch….instead i call it stop motion stitching…hehe
      i’m self taught so i have just made things up as i have gone along in this process of learning on my own
      it is a connection i have with my grandma who has long ago passes by we were good good friends and just that passion i have for sewing and the joy it brings me to make things with it
      here is a little video showing the process, these stitches however are a lot larger than the ones i’m doing these days….http://www.flickr.com/photos/dannymansmith/7733818536/

      1. Thank you so much for your reply and for sharing your technique. It is genius!

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