tiny world


3 thoughts on “tiny world

  1. Danny, is the excess threads at the back of some of your pieces crated when you move and change the position of your needle? I’ve not considered this before. And then do you stabilize the area somehow if you trim these threads off?

    Trying to really understand your wonderful techniques…

    1. yes Suella, sometimes i try to draw it all out in one go but sometimes i don’t want to double back and create a thicker line so i have to stop and start again…i interface before and during i sew the designs, a reinforced surface always makes the thread drawing better looking i think…..it is funny to think about the process, i don’t i just do, not so nice think about all the steps and time…..

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. Interfacing both before and during makes good sense. Your work is always sturdy and well structured as well as wonderful.

    All the time and steps are what makes such great craftsmanship. No doubt you add improvements to the techniques as they have come to mind.


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