sewing in the clouds

sewing in the clouds4sewing in the clouds1sewing in the clouds2sewing in the clouds5

sewing in the clouds

3 thoughts on “sewing in the clouds

  1. oooh I love love love this badge! Can I ask you what type of sewing machine do you have that enables you to freestyle sew like this. My old sewing machine is hard to do stuff like this on and more often than not I end up doing it really slowly by winding on the wheel at the side rather than use the foot pedal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Jean

    1. hi Jean, you got it, that is how i do these, i really don’t think there is a faster way to draw with this much details and as small as i’m working, my machine is a singer 20U33, here ia a link to my studio set on flickr, i know there are many images of the machine there to see

      this past weekend i did an art fair/craft and most people just said my work was free motion sewing, it was alot to keep saying over and over i just do this the old fashion way…..our world is too fast and we all want things quickly, art isn’t about that ya know…..sendin smiles to you !!

      1. Thanks for replying. I guess it’s something I need to keep practicing. I’ve just been doing some applique so it’s early days. Have a good day.

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