making things for Port Townsend

making a new dollnew dollnew onealmost finishedlinesnow some spiralsmoretiny spiralsunknown pathways collar1unknown pathways collar4new neckpieceneckpiecesome morenature's scapular2nature's scapular1nature's scapular4

I will be the guest artist at The Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop

in charming Port Townsend, WA on Saturday September 7th for their Gallery Walk


if your near by please come and say hello

thanks so much for your continued interest in the things I make !

10 thoughts on “making things for Port Townsend

  1. Hi, what is the scale of your figure sculptures? Is the grass one life size? Hope you are well, love to you and A. 🙂    

    1. Hi Suella, thank you !!, no met them at the urban craft uprising and they asked me to do this so here we go, Port townsend is so wonderful, but it is always a matter of making a living right, who knows, i really am wandering around this part of the woods here….physically and mentally……smiles

      1. Good luck in making the decision.

        Port Townsend won’t necessarily be able to sustain all the craftspeople who live in the area. And it is not necessarily an improvement on Seattle weather wise over the winter. Don’t know about this. Worth checking it all out though.

  2. Danny your work is beautiful and I just wanted to tell you that I love watching your pieces evolve in these posts. You are clearly a hugely creative and skilled person. Please keep on creating – whatever happens.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      thanks so much for taking the time to drop me a note, i think we all can make things of some kind or another, it has brought me so much happiness and comfort, wish the same for everyone !!

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