listening to the yard

little viewportalno workinglistening to the yardmeskinstarting the forestsawsinspiringwhat is he doing out theretiny purplesstrengthunder the windowgetting readymy pathway homenew friendpossibilitiesmeeting placefire fairiesperfect colorslittle buildingthree waitinga sign to stop

9 thoughts on “listening to the yard

    1. It is a little old house built in 1946 but we will give it much love, we both get studio spaces, being able to make sculptures again is a beautiful thing to think about, and 1/4 acre of land, just being able to sit in the yard is so good…..smiles

  1. Wonderful. I say that aerial in the yard and thought of your sculptures. Are you still in Seattle or did you move out towards Port Townsend?

    That is a lot of yard. I can foresee vegetables and fruit in your future…

    1. we hope to grow many of vegetables, we have ended up in Burien Wa, just far enough out but still can get to Seattle, I still can’t believe we have house, we will be giving thanks for many moons to come for sure….

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