new beginnings


Wall installation for the Burien Community center April-May 2014

“New Beginnings”

I moved to Burien five months ago and I am very honored, and grateful to have the opportunity to introduce my self to you, my new community, here at the Burien Community Center. All the work that you see has been inspired by my new surrounds; especially the yard. It has been a long time dream of mine to have one and its presence fills up my life.
So much so, that it spills out and into my studio, its walls, these walls and maybe your walls in the future.
I hope you enjoy it… It’ll be here till the end of May. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “new beginnings

    1. thank you Kerry, take a peel on my flickr, i try to share as much of my work and the process as i can…

      Clay and Paper

      there are closer images of most of the pieces in the installation up on the flickr pages
      Happy Day to you

  1. What a great opportunity to meet and share with your new community. Well done for getting an exhibition slot so quickly.

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