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6 thoughts on “Hi

    1. Hi there, thanks, no i don’t use patterns, each thing is it’s own, simalar shapes happen but for the most part all i make is one of a kind, that pack was a simple shape like an oval cut flat at the top, front and back, lined and a band with elastic at the top to draw in the extra with a button closure…try it with junk fabric and you will work out the problems…smiles

      1. Thanks! I’m afraid I am not as creative as you are but maybe I should try! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! Do you ever do any workshops?

      2. You should, just let your self play around, make mistakes but don’t get frustrated, that’s when real magic starts to happen, i do workshops from time to time, i’m working on my home studio and hope to have a space for a little gallery and a place to have small classes offered here in Burien Washington…

      3. I will try that! Our daughter may be moving to Seattle- cross your fingers that she gets the job!!!! Then when I visit her, maybe you will have a workshop and I can attend!
        Thanks for your support!

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