fire and growth

fire and growth

fire and growth2

fire and growth3

you can find it here

2 thoughts on “fire and growth

  1. I’ve been exploring your work today and your story… I am astounded. The intricacy of your embroidered foliage brought tears to my eyes and I don’t know why, except that you are so very like the Creator in your attention to detail. Know that your work does not go unseen, my friend. I keep staring at some of your stitches and wondering how?? How do they exist? So perfect. Your work’s flavor is so unique. I love the title of this one and how it stimulates thought… I was just given a sewing machine and I’m so inspired to join in this conversation you’re creating!!

    1. Hi Kgrace, how very dear, thank you so much for taking the time to look and to send along such kind words, i kind of think of sewing as how i still talk with my grandma, even though she has been gone many years now, it’s also connecting with ones heart and than to the unknown i think, making to make and for the joy in it, here’s to you and your new sewing machine, make some magic with it !!xo

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