set free





4 thoughts on “set free

  1. What a fascinating way to shape hands. I have tons of floss I bought on sale years ago but it hasn’t been used because of vision problems. Well, you just solved the issue for me by sharing your creative thread work. Now, I can’t wait to start a new art doll. Thank You !

      1. Thanks for the smiles and inspiration. I was a pro musician until MS got me so I returned to art. My problem is that I find everything interesting so I have fiber, fabric, looms.. Stuff ! I find making art dolls makes use of everything I’ve been collecting from beads to old teabags. I need fresh ways of thinking though and that’s why I was drawn to what you made. I look forward to more of your creations ☺️

  2. Glad your still creating, it’s true there is a whole lot you can put into a doll/figure/sculpture…..oooo tea bags , i love how creepy they look after use and dried, hehe, thanks so much for looking in !

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