November jacket









DSC_0077 (1)

The first of a small collection I’m making for Second Saturdays Mt. Baker Art Lofts “Fiber Art Exhibit” on December 9th.

8 thoughts on “November jacket

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks so much, I usually would , these garments I hope to make a small collection , for a sale on December 9th, I’m so small scale these days splitting my time with a part-time job and such, just trying to share with others what I’m doing with all these pictures here…I always love making wearable things, it’s alway been so hard to find the ones that will actually buy them, if your interested, your welcome to contact me at, thanks so much for looking !!

    1. Hi Londa, your very sweet, thanks so much, also very nice to hear from you, don’t think this place gets much traffic and I seem to be slowing down….I share images on Flickr and now instagram and the old faZebook…..great to see all that you do and teaching, sendin my smiles out to you!

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