LOVE show


Thankful to be invited to this group show with the theme of Love and on an island.

Valise Gallery


17633 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, Washington 98070

2 thoughts on “LOVE show

  1. Hello Danny. How I’ve enjoyed viewing these many photos of your creations…I could not stop looking at the next one and the next until time had gone by and my eyes were drooping with sleep.i want to dream about walking thru an exhibition of all these pieces…it would be a long happy dream. The drawing of your mother before going out with your dad with the musical notes covering the walls and floor reminded me of the musical feeling experienced when anticiapting the arrival of a cherished person. That is a universal joy perfectly illustrated.
    The sheer volume of work you show on this website is incredible and I know it is only a portion of all you have created. I have a great interest in textiles, clothing and fabric art after learning to sew from my mother and father both. Several years sgo I lived in Burien and saw some of your work at the community center and was so happy to take one of your embroidered business cards. I look forward to seeing your works again somewhere when I am nearby.

    1. Hi Pat, Oh thanks so very much for taking the time to look here and leave me suck kind words. Glad you got to see that wall at the Burien Community Center, that was when I first moved here. I’m working on an installation now at the new apartments called The Maverick in downtown Burien. They created a display/gallery at the corner of 150th and 6th ave. I have the space until the end of March and am creating a site specific installation that I add to each week usually on Mondays. The piece is called 8 doorways and it involves sculpture, large scale sharpie drawings, and paper cut outs… Hope you can make it down to see, plan to have a reception in March so keep eye on this site….sendin smiles out to you!!

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