Keeping close to home

4 thoughts on “Keeping close to home

  1. Fun! Impressive too. is this a new approach?

    I love the range of fabric you have amassed.

    I do hope you and Alexis are keeping safe.

    1. Hi Suella, we are trying, Lucky my partner Alexis is working and he is able to limit interaction with others there, Like always I’m scratching through…..I have a love of vintage cotton prints and African fabrics so it is fun to mix them all with some upholstery fabric as well……sending good thoughts good to hear that at least Europe is doing better then this country full of selfishness money worship…….

      1. Our PM and the whole conservative party is making decidions that are very likely to rebound with a second spike. Our PM is a buffoon sometimes, but appears currently unstopable.

        Do be sure you and everyte else is registered to vote,eh?


      2. Many here live with hate and have for far too long in their bubbles of community, Voter suppression happens here as well, such scary times, but have always been I think, capitalism and the worship of money………goodness…..we will vote and hope……..sending good thoughts

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