the long conversation

Available in my Etsy shop now.

6 thoughts on “the long conversation

  1. This is very beautiful but I don’t see it in your shop. Has it been sold? What is the base fabric and fibre?

  2. I love your work. This is beautiful. Do you find this kind of stitching meditative? I enjoy creative art sewing and have sewn since I was a young child, but still tense up and feel anxious as I work. Any tips?

    1. Hi Maria, Thank you for looking in here, it has gotten harder as I have gotten older and stitching at the sewing machine for hours doing this kind of work isn’t easy. But I still try to do it with help from my chiropractor and her sliding scale pricing thank the Gods!!!! We all have our challenges, I think though actually starting things is the easy part but to keep going is the real test. I started teaching myself how to use my Grandma’s sewing machine back in 1991ish and since I was so close with her it has become a long conversation we are having! Having a space that is yours to work in and that you enjoy being in is so important, making it feel like a sanctuary always set up to use where there is no right or wrong but only time to explore and allow yourself to just relax and let yourself go! All the best wishes to you in your creating!

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