Eight Doorways

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Eight Doorways, a site specific installation at The Maverick Art space in downtown Burien Washington. Over almost three months I created work at my home studio and at the space. While I was working in the space I had a few really wonderful conversations, so grateful for that. Thanks to The Burien Parks and Recreation and The Maverick for this wonderful opportunity to share what I do with the community that I live in. The installation will be on display until March 31st. Best time to go see it is in the evening.


almost finished





My installation “Eight Doorways” at The Maverick apartment building in downtown Burien Washington is almost complete. It will be up until March 31st. and the best time to go see it is in the evening, the lights turn on around 6pm.

Canceling the Reception on March 4th

Hello everyone, so sorry to have to cancel the reception on March 4th. Today I had to put my cat down and to try to finish up the work that I still would like to do on the installation by March 4th just doesn’t seem possible right now. I will complete the installation and it will be up completed for everyone to see the rest of the month of March. If anyone would like to meet at The Maverick I would be happy to do so, just message me. Again so sorry to cancel the reception on the 4th.