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Burien Arts Vision 20/20

Panel #1, Problem Child


Panel #2, The Balcony Is Full


Here are my first two finished panels for the Burein Arts Vision 20/20 fundraiser for arts programing.

Each artist has been given 10,  8″ x 8″ plywood  panels to create original art with.

The event will be on November 19, 2016 at the Burien Community Center.

I will make sure to post more information and my other 8 panels as  we get closer to the date.

44 year book

44 year book

44 year book2

44 year book3

44 year book front

44 year bookback

opened 44 year book

paper people

inside the 44 year book

the 44 year book


I’m 44 years old

I have put in this book sewn paper people

my original drawings

reused envelopes and junk mail

scraps from other projects

and original stitched drawings

the book can be tied closed with a strand of fabric sea weed I made.