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Some drawing for the installation at The Maverick…

drawings for the maverick

drawings for the maverick2

drawings for the maverick3

drawings for the maverick4

drawings for the maverick10

drawings for the maverick5

drawings for the maverick6

drawings for the maverick7

drawings for the maverick8

drawings for the maverick9

The installation will be up through January-March 2018, at The Maverick I will be in the space once a week through the entire three months adding to the installation. Mondays seem like a natural time to be there, during the morning hours so if your near come by and say hi…

At The Maverick Three Days In


DSC_0135 (1)



DSC_0137 (1)







Grateful for this opportunity to show my work for three months at The Maverick in downtown Burien, Washington.  I decided to do an installation that will continue to evolve during the entire three months from January-March 2018. I tentatively plan on Monday mornings being at the space working so if your around please come by and say hi.