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How to sew like                                                                           Danny Mansmith:

By Alexis Ortiz

Decide on a piece of fabric. Cut the fabric or not, depending on whether you have a size or shape in mind. Lets say you don’t, or haven’t thought that far (I haven’t). Choose a color thread… or just use what’s already loaded and start [to sew]. You may want to sketch an image of something (anything, it could change later) or not… it can be completely “free-hand”. Remember: this is not “free-motion”. The dog-feet should still be up and then there’s the knee lift that you’ll have to engage over and over again, that slightly lifts the presser foot so you can get some of those tighter turns/switchbacks. And voila! 5-10 years later you’re sure to be amazing! Just like Danny Mansmith!

This is an assumption mind you; you will have to sew a lot almost everyday of the week and it’ll also help if your machine is an industrial because more often than not you will be sewing through multiple layers of fabric, paper, vinyl, leather and/or interfacing.