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my blanket

my blanket1my blanket2my blanket3my blanket4my blanket5

i started this quilt when my boyfriend Alexis, our old kitty Sanjay, and i moved here to Seattle in June of 2012

all the fabrics i found here in Seattle

it was made with no plan in mind but to sew pieces together

and solve problems as they come up

this right now

zigzagshell and glass

funny thoughts , to try to not think about selling art this year

so than in 2014 have a solo show with all the things i have made

it is true,  that having to make money has changed the way i make things and art

and i’m sure not for the better

found one day

i really do try to share what i do with you all

as much as i can, to only try to show others that making things with your hands is so good for you

abalonenavy stitched cuff..larger stitched fabricworking on those people

for me i think i have to get back to just making art for myself again

i can remember a few years back i was just so excited about art

it is hard to try to recapture feelings like that and i have been struggling with that idea

hills are so good

simple thing, each day start a new

outside todayold soulfrost and flowersthrough the trees

i have to smile even when that person doesn’t smile back

and to try to give as much as we can

to kindness and thoughtfulness of others

i love all the old houses