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Eight Doorways

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Eight Doorways, a site specific installation at The Maverick Art space in downtown Burien Washington. Over almost three months I created work at my home studio and at the space. While I was working in the space I had a few really wonderful conversations, so grateful for that. Thanks to The Burien Parks and Recreation and The Maverick for this wonderful opportunity to share what I do with the community that I live in. The installation will be on display until March 31st. Best time to go see it is in the evening.


my blanket

my blanket1my blanket2my blanket3my blanket4my blanket5

i started this quilt when my boyfriend Alexis, our old kitty Sanjay, and i moved here to Seattle in June of 2012

all the fabrics i found here in Seattle

it was made with no plan in mind but to sew pieces together

and solve problems as they come up