We welcome your feedback.

Community Feedback & Incident Report Form

Community safety and well-being is of the highest priority at Hyde Park Art Center. As such, all students, visitors, and staff are expected to adhere to a set of shared community guidelines.

We welcome all feedback whether positive, negative or somewhere in between. In order to help ensure that all community members feel safe and welcome, you may use this form to report incidents or experiences at Hyde Park Art Center so that we are aware and can address them to the best of our ability. Including your name is optional, but please note that while we will handle all feedback as best we can, anonymous reports may be more difficult to resolve and we will not be able to follow up with you directly.

Reports made through this form are received by the Director of Studio Programs and Strategic Initiatives. Incidents will be handled with discretion by appropriate staff on a need-to-know basis. Incidents involving reports of discriminatory behavior, including race and gender discrimination, may be handled by the Art Center’s Equity Team and/or Internal HR Response Committee.

Reports can also be made directly to the Art Center’s Executive Director or any other staff member you feel comfortable reporting to. All staff contact information can be found at

If you are reporting an unlawful action, you may also file a police report by contacting the University of Chicago Police at 773.702.8181.

Please find the feedback form below: